Each time of year offers a different experience and a different view of Lake Malawi.

January to March
Green season. While there can be some rain, it never lasts all day. With the lake at its calmest and the birds singing in the trees, this is also one of the most beautiful times of the year.

April to May
An African Autumn. One of the best times to visit; the lake is crystal clear, the bush still green and the temperature perfect.

June to July
Mid-Winter. Warm in the day and cooler at night. The bush dries out bringing the animals closer to the water sources. Perfect for warming your toes round the fire at night.

August to September
Things start to heat up! This makes a very welcoming lake. The bush is also now dry giving fantastic views of the surrounding bush.

October to November
The hottest time of the year but the lake is an oasis of freshness. Excellent visibility ensures fantastic snorkelling.

November to December
Summer arrival. Hot and slightly humid with occasional showers. Fireflies light up the trees, storms brew on the horizon and the birds arrive to start the season off again!


A Sky Full of Stars

With no light pollution for many miles around, Nkwichi’s beach is perfect for stargazing. Gazing at the stars while sitting around a campfire inevitably leads to everybody sharing stories. This is a story that was told that I can not help but sharing with you.

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Words cannot express what a wonderful time we had at Nkwichi. Thank you to everyone who made our stay extra special.. Going to miss the squeaking of the sand under our feet.

Robyn & Cerian, South Africa, October 2014