Nkwichi Blog

Who are the people working at the Lodge?

Well there are the boatmen who literally know the lake like the back of their hands, and its moods like a beloved child. They are calm and easy going, checking the boats down by the harbour.

Then the kitchen chefs and cooks, like most places a little more temperamental as they prepare so many varied and nutritious meals, at the same time as taking deliveries of the quantities of seasonal produce from the villages.

The housekeeping staff have a warm and caring approach when preparing your chalet to provide all the comfort a guest deserves at Nkwichi.

Upon your arrival, you are welcomed with a big warm smile from one of the Guest Management staff. They are the efficient sociable sorts of individual, attending to details that you didn’t know needed attending to. They will arrange all sort of daily activities for you. If you want to go kayaking, they will help you, doing all the hard work!

Somewhere around will be the Building and Maintenance team, consulting on a new project and checking the physical structure of the Lodge, working with pride in their skills and experience. There is one other group, called Day and Night watchmen, a discrete presence for security and peace of mind.

And there is the imposing figure of the staff manager who takes the attendance register every morning, and keeps an eagle eye on just about everything.

Oh! And let’s not forget the Tailor, who patiently works with the capulanas (Mozambican fabric) to make the colourful cushions and all the soft furnishings that you will find all around the Lodge.

As you walk around from chalet to beach you can hear a lot of laughter; many of the staff live in the same local villages, so have their friends and relations near them. Many have worked here for 8 or 10 years, so the place is their home too, and they want you to give you a feeling of welcome, or as they say in Nyanja… Karibu!!!