Nkwichi Blog

What makes a beach squeak?

What better way to start posting than to try to define what makes Nkwichi, well, Nkwichi?

Well firstly, meaning ‘squeaky’ in the local Nyanja language, Nkwichi is named after the sand of our main beach which is so soft that it squeaks under foot. Some have said that it’s the location; set on the untouched Mozambican coast of Lake Malawi, there are few shorelines like this in the world. Others would claim that the people make the place; famous for their warmth and friendliness, the Nyanja people are the real soul of Nkwichi

We think that what defines Nkwichi is its unique experience; the adventure of exploring a Lost World and the discovery of all its wonders. From sleeping under the stars and snorkeling as if an aquarium to the magic of the Rift Valley coastline and encountering its inimitable inhabitants, Nkwichi leaves an indelible mark on the imagination and a short visit gives enough memories to last a lifetime.