Nkwichi Blog

Walk on the Wild Side

Walking to work this morning, I took one of the paths that led behind the lodge and looking at its worn-down contours and cavities, thought about the myriad wanderers in whose footsteps I followed.

Missionaries, mercenaries, explorers, the paths along the wild, Mozambican shores of Lake Malawi have helped many find their way around Africa’s heartland. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just explorers that trod these ancient paths; the main path which runs behind Nkwichi was used to transport countless slaves on their way to Tanzania and the markets of Zanzibar.

In an area absent of roads for miles around, walking is seen as a test of strength among the local Nyanja people, making the simple sandal the vehicle of choice. With no roads for miles around, the path actually still serves as the main lakeshore highway. Some say it follows down to Johannesburg; the city of lights for the desperate seeking their fortune.

Listening to the nearby crashing of the lake, complimented by the lonely cries of the Fish-Eagle, and surroundings of such beauty, this is one highway commute I look forward to every day.