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Top 7 Nkwichi Activities

Doesn’t matter if you are the adventurous active type of person or if you are just looking to relax on a paradisiac beach, at Nkwichi you can choose the level of activity to suit total relaxation to adventurous activities and excursions.

1. Snorkelling – The tropical fresh waters of Lake Niassa are ideal for snorkelling. There are a variety of routes to help you explore this underwater treasure. Dive down to see a variety of rock formations and here you will begin to see many shoals of blue and yellow fish. There are around 600-1000 species of fish to count in Lake Niassa, which is apparently more than North America and Europe combined! Just dive in underwater wonderland and crystal clear waters on this remote and untouched section of the lake.

2. Star bed – This is a unique experience recommended for all star-gazers and romantics. On a secluded beach, on a rock island or on a cliff over the Lake, these are the many places where you can choose to gaze up to a star-filled sky while flow and ebb of water and the cry of the distant animals serenades you to sleep.

3. Canoeing – Canoe along the magic Rift Valley shoreline. This is the ideal activity for exploring the rocks, rivers and beaches along the shoreline and also an excellent way to watch birds. Go on an early bird canoe safari; wake up when the sun rises and experience and marvel at the red sky as you paddle along spotting the birds catching their breakfast.

4. Hiking – Discover and explore the wilderness area surrounding the Lodge and hike along the rugged coastline of one of Africa’s oldest paths. Put your shoes on and be rewarded with the many amazing walks and hikes available. From panoramic vistas of the lake, village visits, waterfalls, to tracking game through the pristine Miombo Woodland, together with the local guides you can discover the hidden wonders of this ancient landscape.

5. Camping – For the most adventurous travellers! A variety of fully catered, camping safaris can easily be arranged to explore the Lakeshore and the Manda Wilderness Community Reserve. From just one night to a four-day adventure, hike the Rift Valley Mountains for an unforgettable night of camping under the stars.

6. Relaxation – We are sure we do not need to tell our guests how to relax and unwind, but together with other activities, this can be one of the best activities Nkwichi has to offer. Either lying on a sun-lounger on the beach reading a thrilling book, in your chalet lying on a hammock, or just playing a board game, the result would be the same… Relaxation! And if you feel like after, join us for sun-downers by the fire with the first flickering of twilight.

7. Culture – Get a glimpse into the customs and culture of the Nyanja tribe. The best way to achieve this is by exploring a traditional village life and experience the many cultural events happening along the year. The annual Gospel Choir Festival, traditional dances beneath the mango trees, the outstanding melody and rhythm of African choirs at sunset, marvelling the exceptional work of local artisans, experience the warm welcome of the village life, and visit the community development projects, are some of the many activities we have to offer at Nkwichi Lodge.