Nkwichi Blog

To bathe or not to bathe. (Or is there even a question?!)

There’s nothing quite like a bath. And there’s definitely nothing like an outdoors bath.

Especially when its carved out of volcanic rock, nestled in tropical woodland, and you’re serenaded by the melodic bursts of birdsong and the gentle murmur of the nearby lake. Luckily, every guest coming to Nkwichi gets to enjoy such sublime serenity – all our chalets, tucked away in their own secluded nook of virgin forest, are complete with such baths.

And its gets better. So much better. In fact, it may not be too much to say that until you’ve bathed under the brilliance of the starry night sky, shooting stars cascading overhead, the soft flickering glow of candle-light bouncing off the bubbles, with a luscious Shiraz in hand, you’ve never really experienced the wonder of the Lake of Stars in its nocturnal splendour.

Of course, a pleasure shared is treasured forever so fortunately there’s more than enough room for two.

There really is no better way to soak up the atmosphere.