Nkwichi Blog

The African Rains

Is there anything so beautiful as Africa during its rainy season? It’s a time when nature blooms and mushrooms. The earth soaks up every downpour and deluge, turning browns to greens and hazy days to crystal clear horizons.

Nearby Nkwichi, game such as zebra and buffalo return, confident of their camouflage behind the high grass, never far away from the myriad puddles and rivulets for water. Birds appear after their long journeys, meteorological refugees fleeing the cold and concrete, as bright and chirpy as on a dream vacation. Flowers and trees burst outwards andupwards, blossoming brilliance against a lush green canvas.

There’s also something quite humbling about the rains as nature flexes its muscles and reminds you that its still in control. Buildings disintegrate, roads become overgrown and bridges get washed away. Even daylight darkens as the canopy expands. In the villages people work their hardest, preparing and planting their fields, trying to harness nature’s watering can and ensure a safe supply of food for the rest of the year.

And at the end of the day, sitting on the soft, squeaking sands, comes my favourite rainy season spectacle; the celestial lightshows. From sunsets which explode from the clouds, refracting through every air-borne water particle to distant storms brewing, grumbling as if pestered by Sephardic paparazzi. Even the stars twinkle more brightly, freed from their dusty curtain; a reminder of the constancy of the heavens, while the earth transforms itself below.