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SUP Away

Stand up paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world and for good reason; it’s a fun way to play on the water! And there’s no better place to practice than the beautiful blue waters of Nkwichi.

Also known as SUP, the idea of standing up and paddling in itself is not new. People living in coastal and river areas have been standing up in their canoes and rafts for hundreds of years, and the fishermen on Lake Malawi were no exception. But in Hawaii, surfers picked up the technique to paddle further into the ocean and since 2005 it has developed into a real sport.

By now, SUP has gathered a loyal following and is being practiced around the world, from the city canals in Amsterdam to the sunny coast of Sydney. And no wonder; it is a relatively easy sport that you can do any body of water, and can easily be adapted to your style and skills (paddle board yoga, anyone?). The only thing you really need is a board, a paddle and your balance. And your balance, that turns out to be the tricky part.

Regardless of age and fitness level, everyone trying to SUP at Nkwichi starts out by climbing onto the board and diving right back into the water. Keeping your balance is not as easy as it seems! But not to worry: experience shows that with a little practice and determination, you’ll SUP away in no time and paddle Lake Malawi like a pro!