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Learning the A, B, C in Manda Wilderness!

Sitting on a hard floor, dusty in summer, damp in winter, trying to learn the A, B, C? That’s how every child in Manda Wilderness used to learn… But now thanks to the joint efforts of the MWCT Trustees, Kristina Low and Tatiana Pina Mendes, and to everyone that contributed with their generous donations, that is something from the past.

Last Christmas, Kristina and Tatiana launched a campaign to appeal for more desks to provide every pupil in Manda Wilderness with a seat at a school desk. The response to this appeal was outstandingly encouraging and with the donations the MWCT received they were able to commission another 100 desks that will be distributed through the 15 schools in the Manda communities.

Local carpenters have been working diligently like little ants to get dozens of sturdy wooden desks built, and after to find their way to the various schools where children will learn their lessons comfortably. In the past these generous donation enabled MWCT to furnish the majority of its completed schools, and create employment and provide carpenter training in the area, to produce over 400 students, teacher and headmaster’s desks.

Thank you for everyone who has contributed so far!

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