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Honeymoon Happiness

What makes Nkwichi so perfect for honeymoons? We believe it is the combination between a pristine paradise and the uniqueness of the experience that make it a wonderful destination..

Lately, four newlyweds experienced even more of then they expected. They got to celebrate a wedding.. twice in one week! Both couples tied the knot just days before arriving at Nkwichi, and were still full of the events that marked their transition into married life. To be part of a traditional celebration in a remote lakeshore village so soon after their own big day was something they could not have imagined. But as it happened, the children of two of our staff members were to wed each other, just when the couples honeymooned at Nkwichi.

The evening before the wedding, two boats were sent for the bride in Mbueca village; with the groom living in the village of Mala where the wedding would take place. Two boats made their way to fulfill the mission: one full of male and one full of female relatives and friends. On the return trip, their beautiful songs echoed over the Lake, filling the star-lit night with breathtaking music. At breakfast the next morning, the honeymoon couples mentioned the event to our staff, and without hesitation, a wedding invitation was extended and taken up.

Late in the afternoon, our newlywed guests made their way to the village to join the festivities. They arrived right in the middle of the dancing, being welcomed with warm embraces and cheers by the happy couple and their families. Traditionally, presents (often in the form of money) are handed over during the dancing. Each time a substantial present is given it will be announced loudly, to draw attention to the good deed of the benefactor. A little hesitant at first, our honeymoon guests soon overcame their initial shyness and went for it. They joined the dancing as if they belonged and generously contributed to the future life of this young married couple.

I have seen a lot of smiles at Nkwichi, but it is hard to top the sparkling eyes and flushed cheeks of these couples when they returned to the lodge. It gave their already wonderful honeymoon an even deeper dimension, linking their own lives to the locals here on the lakeshore. And that sums up what Nkwichi is about; happiness and respect. Truly a perfect destination for your honeymoon.