Nkwichi Blog

Fresh Food Daily

Supermarkets are always trying to sell us the idea of fresh food, and I’m sure they try their best, but at Nkwichi you can see the food arriving from the villages, and soon after enjoy the delicious tastes. Grown organically so there are no additives to worry us, it’s a great part of a getaway-from-it-all holiday. Of course, at home we can grow our own lovely vegetables and fruit in gardens or allotments, but on holiday in Nkwichi, that hard work has been done for us.

There is Matapa, a dish made from mchicha leaves (a type of local spinach), with added secret ingredients. And Fainting Imam Aubergine… to die for! The bread has been baked a few yards away that morning, and Baobab fruit juice is ….well, somewhere between lemon and orange, but not like either…. Perhaps it is just like Baobab!

This diet feels good not only for healthy eating, but that you can see villagers able to make a good living as they deliver huge baskets of big red tomatoes by canoe from along the lake.  The fishermen too arrive in the morning with kampango and chambo fish, caught responsibly a couple of hours before. You may have heard them during the night as their voices carry softly from the lake to your chalet. And all the good food prepares you for the day of fun and exploration.