Nkwichi Blog

Freeze! It’s a creature!

Being born and bred in Africa but mostly spending time in the city, and a rural area that was wildlife free, coming to Nkwichi seemed like the biggest mistake of my life. Having brought my son I thought maybe I wasn’t as clever as I often thought myself to be.

Having heard of the many birds that can be seen at Nkwichi, Fish eagles, Bee-Eaters, Kingfishers and many others, I had been quite enthusiastic about being in the wild. After arriving in the dark and barely seeing anything but just hearing a roaring lake, I found it very hard to sleep and to top it all when I finally fell asleep in the early hours of the night, I was startled by a sound and forced my eyes to refocus on the light of dawn. The first thing I heard myself saying was “Freeze! There’s a creature there!”

It was the smallest, most curious, hairy little monkey I had ever seen peeping through the mosquito net. The grey Vervet monkeys always travel in troops and are very common on the Nkwichi lakeshore. Unlike their fellow mammals the baboons, the Vervet monkeys do not grow to more than a meter tall and weighing 15 kilograms at most, their largest male is smaller than the average baboon, which makes them less threatening in appearance.

Apart from them being inquisitive and more of a nuisance in the dry season, they offer live entertainment and have proved to be much better than a narrated nature show on TV. as you will have the great lake providing the background sound, blended together with the many beautiful songs of the birds around the lodge.

All this topped with the view of lake and the white sugary sands that make it heaven. I’m the cleverest person I know and totally proud of my decision to bring my little boy to the secluded paradise which is Nkwichi Lodge.