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Blooming Mushrooms

It’s April and the rainy season goes on… This time of the year a natural phenomenon occurs and the bush goes wild with mushrooms bursting up all around. There are all the types of exotic looking fungi with different shapes, sizes and colours that evoke fairy tales, witches’ brews, primitive and modern hallucinogenic rituals.

When it comes to wild mushrooms we trust the local experts to tell us which ones are not poisonous. The edible mushrooms make kitchen delicacies and the names for some are quite interesting… boa mamafinha, manhami, ndi uleluma, and usinda, are some of the local Nyanja names.

Two important factors are needed for conditions to be right for the mushrooms to begin fruiting, the increasing temperatures and moisture. Often the very best time to find mushrooms is about a week after a warm dry spell has been abruptly ended by a heavy downpour or a few days of afternoon rains.

If you are a fan and you go wild for mushrooms, this can be a perfect time to visit Nkwichi! Mushrooms add a wonderful earthy flavour to savoury dishes and you can taste some of them in a creamy soup, gravy, pasta, stew or just stuffed mushrooms. And lets not forget of the many health benefits you get from them! In the meantime, while you wait for supper time, you can always choose to go on a hunt for wild mushrooms with Monica, Patricio or Elias to harvest these fleshy fungi. They can teach us one or two things about wild mushrooms and how to identify the edible ones.

After that, we can only say bon apetit!