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A Sky Full of Stars

With no light pollution for many miles around, Nkwichi’s beach is perfect for stargazing. Gazing at the stars while sitting around a campfire inevitably leads to everybody sharing stories. This is a story that was told that I can not help but sharing with you.

“A long long time ago, when the heavens and earth were created, the story goes that there was a purpose for all animals, except for Giraffe. And Giraffe had noticed it too, which made him really sad. Giraffe wanted to be useful, just like all the other animals. But he had no real skills to set him apart from the rest, was always staring up at the sky and was tall and clumsy.

But one day, they realised that Giraffe could indeed be very useful, because he was so tall and always staring at the sky. You see, the Sun was often getting lost in the heavens, bumping up and down, and it needed someone to guide it along its path. So Giraffe was put to work watching the Sun, and guide it around the sky. All day and all night, Giraffe stared at the sky, guiding the Sun in the right direction, making sure that the Sun never lost its way again.

Giraffe was very happy to finally have a purpose. And he did such a good job that in honour of him, some stars were rearranged in the sky so that they would always point in the direction of the Sun. For us, the constellation is known as the Southern Cross, but a long, long time ago, it was known as Giraffe. So when you look up to the sky, take a moment to find the Southern Cross and remember that even though you might not realise it yet, everybody has something that sets him or her apart. Even Giraffe.”

Curious to the origin of the story, I tracked it down online. It turns out to be an old Bushman legend, adapted by everybody who retold the story until it arrived, as recounted above, at Nkwichi’s beach. For the original version, try to get a hold of a copy of ‘When Hippo was Hairy: And Other Tales From Africa’ by Nick Greaves, and be amazed by all the inspiring tales and legends. We’re already looking forward to hearing your story while sitting around the campfire under Nkwichi’s starry sky!