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5 Reasons Why Snorkelling is best at Nkwichi

Nkwichi, on the wild side of Lake Malawi, offers some of the best snorkelling on the lake. Here are a few reasons why:

  • With such a pristine, natural environment, the water on the Mozambique side of the lake is crystal-clear and free from any pollution. Nkwichi sits on its most remote and untouched section, and with such pure water, visibility can be up to 30 metres.
  • There are an estimated 600-1000 species of fish in Lake Malawi (too many to count!), more than North America and Europe combined. Many are endemic to tiny tracts of the lakeshore, and nowhere is the variety greater than stretch alongside Nkwichi. The WWF, which opened Mozambique’s first freshwater reserve here, called the lake, ‘The most bio-diverse lake in the world’.
  • Unlike many other beaches on Lake Malawi, which can have a steep drop-off into the water, Nkwichi has a gentle incline making it great for submerging at any level of comfort. Perfect for paddlers and children!
  • Nkwichi is situated on one of the most dramatic parts of the Rift Valley. The same geological conditions which make the sand the softest on the lake, also created an underwater wonderland of cragged canyons, megalithic monoliths and indomitable boulders.
  • All of Nkwichi’s experienced guides are from the local Nyanja tribe (meaning ‘People of the Lake’) and feel as much at home on and in the water as on land. Leading Nkwichi’s unique snorkel safaris, they’ll help uncover the secrets of life beneath the surface…