Meet the Team

The ‘People of the Lake’, as the Nyanja tribe surrounding this part of Lake Malawi are known, are renowned across the continent as some of the friendliest and most welcoming you could hope to meet.

One of the surprise highlights of a stay at Nkwichi, the staff at the lodge are all from the surrounding villages, and are immensely proud to show off both their talents at the lodge and their culture at home. Many have worked at Nkwichi for over 10 years, having started as labourers during construction and becoming the team you meet today.

In-house training is one of the reasons that Nkwichi is seen as one of the leaders in responsible tourism, recognized in a series of awards. From chef skills to English, carpentry to field guiding, Nkwichi knows that by investing in the team, local talent will have a chance to shine.

Service is completely professional and discreet and keeping it local means that this is delivered with a unique character, and always with a smile.


For Lovers of Africa

Many people who return to Africa may struggle to explain why exactly they come back. But they know with a certainty that each year, no other destination will offer quite the same excitement. What is it about Africa that makes you want to return?

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This place is wonderful.. We have found a little paradise in Mozambique!

Virginie, Thérèse & Raphaëlle, France, May 2015