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5 Reasons Why Snorkelling is best at Nkwichi

Nkwichi, on the wild side of Lake Malawi, offers some of the best snorkelling on the lake. Here are a few reasons why:

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For Lovers of Africa

Many people who return to Africa may struggle to explain why exactly they come back. But they know with a certainty that each year, no other destination will offer quite the same excitement. What is it about Africa that makes you want to return?

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Nkwichi. The best sunsets in Africa.

In a continent full of wilderness and wonder, there’s little to compare with that special feeling, fantastical yet fleeting, of an African sunset. And there are a few reasons why Nkwichi offers some of the best…

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The Trees of Lake Malawi

A glue for binding. A prophylaxis against hair-loss. Bark string. A cure for an upset stomach. Elias, one of Nkwichi’s inimitable local guides, reeled off a list of uses and properties of some of the local trees as we passed through the pristine savannah woodland, all with exotic-sounding names such as Kachamira (Fever Pod Tree), Mlombwa (African Teak) and Mpingu (African Blackwood).

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Freeze! It’s a creature!

Being born and bred in Africa but mostly spending time in the city, and a rural area that was wildlife free, coming to Nkwichi seemed like the biggest mistake of my life. Having brought my son I thought maybe I wasn’t as clever as I often thought myself to be.

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A Sky Full of Stars

With no light pollution for many miles around, Nkwichi’s beach is perfect for stargazing. Gazing at the stars while sitting around a campfire inevitably leads to everybody sharing stories. This is a story that was told that I can not help but sharing with you.

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The best 10th anniversary we could have wished for! Beautiful remote location, stunning beach, only matched by the friendly service and the food! We will be back soon!

Duran & Alexa, South Africa, April 2015